Musician ~ MAXON

Tell us a little bit about yourself
Hi. I'm Maxon. Or Max. I'm a singer-songwriter born and raised on Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. 
What is the most powerful quality a person can have? 
Big question. I'm sure this answer differs tremendously from person-to-person and culture-to-culture. For me, and the things life has thrown my way, I'd say Resilience. 
What has been your proudest moment so far?
Only more recently have I felt strong enough, and proud enough of myself, to be able to share my vulnerability with others. I think this is something I am most proud of. Releasing 'Best Shot' really signifies this desire and ability to speak openly and freely about my mental health, and this is really huge for me.
Can you talk us through a challenge you overcame and how you managed it? 
In my life I have had to deal with numerous people trying to influence and control what I thought of myself, how I behaved, what I wore, and what I believed. It took me most of my 20's to be aware of the fact that I had my own beliefs, thoughts, style and personality to uncover and explore. It took me hitting a really low point to shake up questions about myself, asking why I felt so suppressed and restricted in who I am. I just dug in deep to reveal who was already there. Also a good few reads of 'A New Earth' by Eckhart Tolle did the trick. 
If you could give your younger self any advice, what would it be? 
Dear Mini Max,
You're allowed to ask for help.
Some people may struggle to accept who you are, 
but more people will love you for it.
And you will love you for it.
Don't dim your light for anyone.
Never stop singing.
You are Solid Gold.
How did you find your confidence & do you have any tips? 
I quite often misplace my confidence, but I do seem to locate it more often these days - somewhere within the music. I am most confident on stage. It takes one song to kill the nerves. A tool I have used in recent years to propel myself through that performance anxiety, is to set the tone. I often sing my first song a capella, and that's terrifying enough to make the rest of the set a breeze.
What does self care mean and look like for you? 
It's so many things... I am so much work. But I'm worth it. Jokes aside, self care, to me, means hardcore maintenance. If I'm going to survive emotionally, mentally, physically and psychologically, another 60-something years, I need scheduled servicing every 100kms. It's constantly growing and changing, but here's a little of what it may look like: a long bath, sitting at the beach (rain, hail or shine), yoga, meditation, spending time cooking really good nourishing foods, bush walks, lighting a new candle, affirmations, and heaps of songwriting. 
What goals have you set for yourself & your future?
Professionally, there are a few goals I would love to achieve in the near future, including recording a really good debut album that feels authentic to me and my story. But personally, I want to be here, now. It's been important for me to practice presence in my day-to-day life, as I tend to get way ahead of myself, and feel lost in the 'what if's'. 
Something that made you smile recently 
I got engaged. I never thought I'd say these words, but there you have it. I cry-smiled and then got so excited I had to pee behind a rock. You can take this bit out if it's TMI, but I'm being authentic and sharing everything now, remember?
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