Roxy Coppen


Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hi! I’m Roxy, I’m a Graphic Design and creative living in Byron Bay. My passions lie in travel, food, hand lettering, the beach, music and going to gigs. 

What is the most valuable lesson that your parents or family have taught you?

The biggest lesson my family taught me was to find your passion and do a job that you love! They really helped me find my creative voice and encouraged me to chose that as a career, even if the job prospects may not be as high, they thought it was better to do something you loved and I couldn’t agree more.

What made you get into graphic design? 

I always wanted to do something digitally creative. Even from 11 years old I was creating website and digital artworks. At first I thought this meant I should do Website Design, so I enrolled in a year long TAFE course. Every day at TAFE I would walk past the graduating Graphic Design student’s work in the corridor, and one day asked a teacher about the course. I then ended up applying for it, and eventually went on to complete my Bachelor at Griffith University.

What are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for my friends – they’re all so different and bring so many great aspects to my life. All of them make me laugh which is something I really value. The beautiful piece of the world I live in – I’ve only recently moved the Byron Bay and I feel like I have a totally new appreciation for this town. The little luxuries in life like chocolate, coffee and good food!

What are your 3 favourite songs & what memories do they bring back for you? 

Such a tough pick! So I’ll pick songs that have the strongest memories for me –

Innerbloom by RUFUS – they’re my favourite band and this song is unlike anything I’ve heard before! It sends me back to their insane light shows. RUFUS have a way have creating a unique mood during a set too.
Hold On – Disclosure. This has such strong memories for me as it was my first Falls Festival and I met so many of my now longterm friends that weekend!
Take Me To Your Leader – Walker and Royce. The theme song to my favourite overseas holiday to the USA and Mexico.

What inspires you most when creating?

I love going to the beach or being in nature, I feel like the fresh air resets my creative brain! I also scroll through Pinterest daily and find inspiration in all things visually pleasing.

How do you practice self love/self care? 

I really feel like over the last year I’ve really focused on more self love practices. I now see the value in taking time for myself and doing the things I love! I do this by keeping active, doing barre classes and nature walks, listening to my favourite music, making time for my skin care and hair routines, taking and editing photos and simple things like co-ordinating a nice outfit for the day. It might not sound like much but I’ve learnt that if it makes me feel good, than it’s important to me.

Tell us something that brought a smile to your face recently 

Today my best friend sent me a photo of her pug – he’s so bloody cute!