Our Story

Welcome to Everyday Connection, I am Alicia, the founder here, I am also the picker, packer, social media manager, you list it, thats me. A one woman team! 

This space started out as a blog, a place to share peoples stories about how they have gotten through the toughest times in their lives, their passions and things that make their soul shine. Having experienced a lot of anxiety and depression in my life, it made me feel less alone knowing that other people are on similar journey to me. It was my hope that it made you feel less alone on your journey too. 

During my life journaling was something I always came back to. It became my safe space and helped me release everything that I had held on to. It saved my life. Although, I realised that if you have never journaled before, it can be very intimidating to know where to start and this is why I wanted to help people even more through encouraging reflection, open conversation and vulnerability. When we reflect and release, we heal. 

All the products in this store have been created by me, in the hope that they make you feel more connected to yourself and the people around you. We can all benefit from reflection and deep connections where we feel like we can be open and vulnerable. 

My hope is that these products help you on your journey, no matter what part of your life you are in right now. Whether it is journaling or having open and honest conversations with your friends, taking care of yourself through your own version of self care. This is your space too, a space where your story means everything, your voice is heard & YOU are valued. 

I hope that by being open with you about my journey, you will always remember that you are not alone. You have a place right here. 

Alicia xxx