Amy Smith

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hi! I'm Amy and I'm 24 years old. I'm a fitness professional and I have a bachelor of entrepreneurship and marketing. I was born in Tasmania but grew up on the gold coast. I have 2 sisters (soon to be auntie!) and a partner of 6 years. I'm very lucky to have a strong bond with my family and friends as they have helped shape who I am today.

What inspires you?  

I feel inspired when I’m around people with a positive energy and outlook on life. I also feel inspired when I'm in a peaceful setting like a cute cafe or walking along the beach connecting with my music. 

How did you get into personal training? 

Growing up I was very much into my athletics. I competed in track and field all throughout primary and high school (Best thing I could have done!). I ended up getting my cert 3 in fitness as a traineeship through school then completed my cert 4 later out of school. My mind was set on becoming a personal trainer. It took a lot of hard work, commitment and sacrifice to build myself and my business up to where I am today and I couldn’t be prouder!

How did you find your confidence and do you have any tips?

I always had a bit of self-doubt when starting out as a personal trainer. I kept thinking that I wasn’t good enough for the industry because I didn't have 10+ years of experience and I wasn’t bringing in a lot of clients (nearly gave up on it!). I eventually talked myself out of this self-doubt and stopped comparing myself to others. I realised I am as good as any other trainer out there, it just takes time to get to where you want to be. TIP: Every person has their own way of doing, teaching and learning things. Just focus on your own path and don’t compare yourself to others. Have belief in yourself, you will get to where you want to be.

What does the world need more of?


Something that made you smile recently

Seeing my sister in her dream wedding dress and my other sister glowing with her baby bump!!