Brooklyn Stewart

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hello my name is Brooke, I moved to the Gold Coast nearly 3 years ago from Dubbo NSW. Yes country girl I am. I’m 23 years old but who’s counting. I am a post production editor at Princess Polly. And side hustle as a photographer. I looovveee cooking (was a chef for 5 years) but now just a hobby, espresso martini’s, having a wine and a boogie with my gal pals and all things fashion darling!
How do you practice self love?
Self love is fairly new to me I never used to practice these things only since the last 8 months I have started. Exercising daily or just move my body, eating wholesome food and really looking after what I put in my body making sure it’s fresh and nurturing, journaling I find really helps especially when I’m super anxious! Lots of sleep and swims in the ocean.

What inspires you ?

People that strive to do what they love and make the most of what they have by achieving their goals and are absolutely killing it. I always strive to surround myself with people who push me to my best version of myself. My mother is a massive inspiration to me as she can always bring a positive outcome to a situation. She always drives to achieve her goals and take on any obstacles she faces on her path to success.

How did you get into photography and videography?

So I studied photography for a year and my mum was a commercial photographer so I used to help her with assisting with shoots and post production. I kinda found my style of photography whilst working for her and that was fashion. Sadly I stopped for about 4 years shooting photography and I became a chef and that became my first priority. I achieved a lot while I was a chef, doing cooking competitions and winning a few awards and finally got working for a hatted restaurant but my heart was always for fashion photography so I’m back! Have only been back properly for a few months. Once I got a job at princess Polly I realised how much a missed it.

Pretty much now I’m practicing photography and slowing getting into videography now too. I feel like each shoot I do I improve! Still have a long way to go with my photography have a lot of goals I want to achieve but I’m so happy I’m back doing what I love!

What is your favourite way to express yourself?

How do I express myself, I have a few ways- first would be creatively through my photography and how I dress myself I always strive to be different and have some funky outfits! And of course a few espresso martini’s and hitting up the Burleigh hotel dance floor is certainly a way I express myself! Lol

A challenge you have overcome & how did you do it?

Something I have over come over the years is probably one of my best friends committing suicide was a really hard and weird time.I was 20 when this happened so fairly young and was not aware of how anxiety and my feelings really took a toll on my body. I do look back now and I feel as though yes was a terrible thing that happened, but it has only made me stronger and with any down fall or knock back I get I always remind myself of that time and how I overcome that situation and how it has shaped me to be the person I am today.

How did I overcome it? With a lot of support from my family and friends! Keeping myself super busy after that I really dived into my cooking career, moved to the Gold Coast and also letting myself be able to feel and sit in my emotions and let myself be sad and slowly seeing myself get better each day, time is your best friend!!

If you could give your younger self any advice what would it be?
My advice would be to do what you want and who cares what people think about you! Be yourself and own it!

Something that has made you smile recently
Be able to drink cups of tea now like 3 time’s a day because it’s cold!! My favourite thing to do in winter lol!!

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