Camille Brandon

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Millie and I am just about to graduate my double degree in Journalism and Arts. Photography started off as a hobby but has turned into a full time passion. I love photography the female body and inspiring young women to be comfortable in their bodies.

How do you practice self love?

This is something that I don't do enough of. Not because I don't love myself, but because I am always so focused and stressed about my life that I don't make time for myself. However, every now and again I take self portraits of myself and this is probably my most prominent way of practising self love. 

What inspires you?

The women I photograph inspire me the most. I hardly have to pose them these days, we just start chatting during the session and they get into a comfortable position and it inspires me. I'm also inspired by success. I have always had a strong urge to succeed and make a name for myself, without anyone's help.

How did you get into photography and journalism? 

I have always enjoyed writing and English... and I was good at it. So when I was looking at different degree options Journalism really stood out to me. Up until now, at the end of my four year degree, I was adamant I was only studying journalism for the skills and not to actually get a job in the profession. However, after getting into photography and combining that with journalism and storytelling I believe this is the path I need to take. 


Why did you start body confidence shoots? 

I think I am very lucky that I've always had a very strong and confident mother who knows her worth. It's shaped me into a very confident woman. However, friends and other people I follow online don't have this same comfortability with their body. It's these young girls and women that made me start these shoots. I want everyone to feel the same warmth and love that I have for my body, for their own. I also want people to see that we all have "flaws" and that doesn't actually make us flawed. There's too much on social media these days that warps reality and only shows a certain type of beauty and it affects women.

What is your favourite way to express yourself? 

I think my favourite way to express myself is through my photography. It lets people have an insight into how I see the world, see other people and see beauty.

If you could give your younger self any advice what would it be? 

Do not care about what others think. Also, if you showed openly how much you don't care you may have been able to influence a lot of other young girls to do the same. 

Something that made you smile recently… 

My friends and my boyfriend!