Candice March

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m 27y.o High school teacher and Brissy girl but have lived on the Gold Coast for a few years before and am counting down the days til I’m back there. I’m known for being bubbly, strong, caring and most of the time, outgoing. People that know me well will know I have a big heart, I’ll do anything for the people I love and I’m really empathetic. I feel a lot but don’t always like to show it. I can have a really serious or intelligent conversation one minute but then be making a dick of myself the next, all for a laugh. I love animals, the environment, the beach, dancing, red wine and froth a games night with friends. I haven’t always had the strongest family network so I put a lot of love into my relationships. I can be a bit sassy, can nap anywhere and am happiest when I’m eating good food with good company. As long as there’s no coriander.

What are 3 things you are passionate about & why?

Something that I’ve always been passionate about is animals. I’ve grown up around a lot of animals, they are so interesting and amazing. I always wanted to be a Vet when I was younger but didn’t think I had the stomach for it. It blows my mind that every single continent has vastly different fauna and flora completely unique to that part of the world. I just want to know everything about animals! They’re the reason I did a science degree and loved it so much.

The second thing I’m passionate about is education. This hasn’t always been clear to me - I’ve always known how privileged I was to get a really good education and been so grateful for that, however my passion for it has grown since becoming a teacher and seeing the impact an education can have on young people. Knowledge is so powerful and everyone deserves a quality education for their future. If I could give everyone in the world one thing, - aside from empathy - it would be an education. Everyone deserves that and it’s really empowering to be able to help facilitate that on a local scale. 

The third thing I’ve become really passionate and interested in more recently is relationships. Not just a relationship with your partner, but all relationships. Friendships, family, colleagues... more importantly, my own self awareness and perception of these relationships. I’ve learnt how complex and delicate relationships are. They are what every person craves in this world... that buzz word; ‘connection’ through these weird and wonderful relationships. Some of them are amazing whilst some of them not so amazing and should be treated as life lessons. How you perceive certain relationships can really impact them and yourself. I’m really enjoying this new area of discovery and passion. It is a fairly new passion of mine because I have only recently done a lot more work on myself and my relationships through a personal development course in 2019. My partner and I did this course together and were able to essentially, break down our relationship and ourselves as individuals. It took a lot of reflection on the past, communication, mentoring, soul searching, goal setting and so much more I can’t even begin to explain. It was so emotionally and mentally intense, but an experience I am so grateful for. I have defined my own purpose, mission and vision (PMV) in life - as an individual -and I think everyone should have a clear PMV for their own life. It’s something that doesn’t get taught in schools nor does it come naturally to everyone so it was a really interesting 6 month+ journey. I have come out the other end with better communication skills, a deeper appreciation and understanding of relationships, and have experienced this profound sense of personal growth that has changed my whole perception of life. My biggest realisation is that we need constant education for ourselves and our relationships to have a better understanding and awareness of them. Super important for young adults and going into your 30’s to be more selfish and prioritise our own personal growth and development. Podcasts and books have been my favourite method for achieving this.

I think everyone should be a little bit more aware of their own relationships and continue to educate themselves on this topic, because its a universal subject. We all have them, want them and need them. I think my passion for this topic has stemmed from having some difficult relationships in my past and not dealing with/holding onto a lot of the emotions and letting those emotions control my life for so long. You’re never going to be able to control the actions of other people but you can definitely control how you perceive those actions and how they affect you. 

What is something powerful that you believe?

Lately I’ve really been tuning into the belief that everything really does happen for a reason and there are things that are meant for us and things that aren’t. Noticing these things has become more important to me and I’ve been trying to pay more attention to this and focus on the positives and knowing that everything will be okay, even if it’s going to be hard. Things will work out as they are meant to and to trust the process more. Even if it’s scary or hard AF!

Another belief that has been really powerful to me is that there is no timeline in life. You don’t have to have everything figured out by a certain age or stick to the societal ‘norms’. For example; monogamous relationships, marriage then children, careers etc. I am constantly trying to remove the image in my head of how I believe things ’should be’ and stop comparing myself to others because some things are so engrained in our beliefs but it may not suit us or be right for us. And that’s okay. We can create our own unique paths. 

Where is your happy place?

BEACH, HOME, EATING. My happy place is the beach. Close by the ocean or in the ocean snorkelling/diving without a doubt. I am also a big homebody so I like creating nice spaces at home and always have music on so I can dance around like a dingus, preferably with a wine or a cider. Food is the way to my heart and I really appreciate good food with good company. 

Who or what inspires you most?

I’ve been asked this before and it really made me think about why they inspire me. My sister is a big inspiration for me, she’s strong, independent, patient, nurturing and so fun-loving. I adore her and she is just amazing. My Nonno inspired me so much when he was alive, he was the main positive male role model I had in my life and I miss him dearly. My partner is also really inspiring to me, he’s hardworking and amazing at what he does.

One of those people that is just good at so many things and does them really well. We really understand each other so well and he’s my biggest supporter. Another big inspiration for me lately is a lot of the women in my life. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by some truly amazing and strong women who all have a unique story but are all just as inspiring as each other in their own way. Women supporting women is my new favourite movement and it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I love seeing young girls and women reaching their potential and doing things out of the ordinary, being creative, trying new things and just being authentic. There is something super empowering about seeing your sisters succeed and supporting each other. If I had to pick a few influential people in my life recently; Zoe Foster Blake who wrote the book ‘Love’ and is a clever, witty queen. Beyonce, because - duh it’s Beyonce. Sarah’s Day and Loni Jane (influencers) who have taught me a lot about taking care of myself and being more healthy + active etc. David Attenborough - the man is a legend and world conservation would not be where it is today without him. Will and Jada Smith are my 'couple' inspiration. They have a very unique and authentic relationship and I really admire them for re-inventing their relationship, pushing the norm and being so badass. If you watch ‘red table talk’ then you know..Plenty more people I could mention but they’re the main ones. 

What goals have you set for yourself in the future?

I have some short term goals like focusing on myself more and being more financially independent. I want to continue to focus on things that make me feel good and prioritising self care. My health and fitness has become more important to me but I’ve been struggling with making consistent routines and sticking to things so it’s a goal of mine to try and be more consistent in doing things that will benefit me long term.

Examples include; meditation/mindfulness practices, getting to the beach, exercise and finding other hobbies that interest me. 2020 is the year I want to focus myself and being the best version of me. I even have some goals to start a side hustle or a little creative project even though I don’t consider myself to be super creative. Other long term goals include working overseas for a year or two, travelling, doing more personal development courses and even doing some further study. 

What are you grateful for?

  1. I’m super grateful right now to have a full time job at a time like this where there’s so much instability and uncertainty. I’m really grateful to be in this position and have a job that can have such a powerful impact on young peoples lives. I’ve developed some really beautiful and supportive relationships as a teacher and I feel lucky to have some incredible students and colleagues.

  2. In times like these where your health could be compromised I am just feeling really grateful that no-one I know has been affected by covid-19 and we are all healthy and doing our best to get through this difficult time. It really puts things into perspective because your health and your loved ones are just the most important things. Everything else is replaceable or insignificant in the bigger picture.

  3. I have been feeling super grateful for having some truly beautiful friends and family in my life. I’m learning to lean on people a bit more for some support and advice, when previously I may have felt that would be a sign of weakness and a burden to them. We are all in this together and I don’t always have to be super strong and do things alone. I just have to be brave enough to speak up and be honest about my feelings. It’s been a huge shift for me but one that has shown me how many people really care about me and are here for me when I need it. It’s been a powerful and humbling realisation. 

Tell us something that brought a smile to your face recently

Receiving videos of my nephews playing and laughing together. It’s upsetting that I can’t see them right now and I feel like I’m missing out but looking at videos of them and knowing that I’m protecting them as best I can is really all I can do. They make me smile and laugh so much.