CEO & Change Maker ~ Nikki Mann

Nikki is the CEO of Modelling agency ~ Everi Body! She is changing the industry by celebrating that all our bodies are different and that is what makes us so beautiful! She is someone who is inspiring so much change and providing us with the confidence we need to be ourselves and see the beauty within us and our bodies! SO I feel so bless that Nikki took the time out to be part of this blog, she is an incredibly kind and driven woman who inspires me so much and I hope that she inspires you too! 
Tell us a little bit about yourself 
My name is Nikki Mann, I am the founder of Everi-Body. Everi Is a modelling agency that is all about diversity and inclusivity. 
How do you practice self care? 
My morning self care is either going to the gym or a beach walk!
My evening self care routine is a nice long hot shower and skincare! Fun Fact: I come up with all my crazy ideas in the shower!
If you could give your younger self any advice, what would it be?
You got this! You are going to be the voice of change. You are beautiful and don't let society tell you otherwise.
What advice do you have for women lacking confidence in themselves and their bodies?  
Be careful who you are following on social media. If a person's content is making you feel insecure, unfollow! Fill your feed and real life with positivity and like minded people.
Can you talk us through a challenge you have overcome and how you managed it?
My biggest challenge was facing depression last year. 
Moving home from LA during the pandemic. Living with my parents. Losing my job. Breaking my collarbone. Hitting rock bottom. 
I overcame this by listening to advice from my family and not giving up, this is when Everi-Body was born! 
What are 3 things you are passionate about & why? 
Self Love- You have to love yourself first!
Diversity and Inclusivity- We all deserve to have relatable people visible to us
Body Positivity- Beauty isn't a size!
What has been your proudest moment so far?
My proudest moment so far is the family I have created through Everi. We are more than a modelling agency, we are a movement. 
They all support and clap for one another. It's a safe, healthy space for models.
Something that made you smile recently... 
My family. I was away from home for 8 years. I wasn't around for most of my niece and nephews lives. Now since being home I get to see them everyday! 
Family is everything to me. 
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