Darcy & Rach


Tell us a little bit about yourselves

We both grew up on the gold coast and have always lived active and healthy lives. We met at uni studying nutrition and have been friends ever since, we definitely bonded over being extremely passionate about women’s health and finding a great life balance. We are both young mums to beautiful girls, Holly (20months) and Malie (1week) and when we aren’t doing nutrition related work we are dance and pilates instructors. 

Where did your passion for health & nutrition begin?

Straight after high school I went into professional dancing (Rach) and I was pushing my body to the extremes and wanted to learn how to fuel it to get the most out of it without feeling exhausted and broken so I started studying nutrition. Darcy was having hormonal related issues to do with getting off the OCP and wanted to learn how to heal her body nutritionally. I think we were both just passionate about being able to put healthy, nourishing and delicious foods into our bodies that made us feel great and keep up with our busy lifestyles.   

Why did you create Lumila

Coming out of uni we both decided that clinical practice wasn’t where our passion laid as a full time job so we started brainstorming over coffee catchups on what we could do with our degrees. We were both extremely busy with work and a new baby and were feeling run down energetically and physically showing through our skin, nails, hair, immunity. Basically we were both like I wish I had a drink that would give me energy and fix multiple issues we were experiencing, so that’s what we did. We saw a niche in the market and realised if we were feeling this way, a lot of other women would be too and were super excited about being able to nutritionally support women through their busy lives.

Why are natural supplements so important for your health and wellbeing? 

Natural supplements are a great way to “top up” on nutrients that you may not be giving your body enough of. Majority of us live super busy lives and sometimes a nourishing diet can be neglected or people are eating a nourishing diet but its not enough for the demands that your body has on it.  

In particular natural supplements are incredibly important because you know what is being put into your body and that there is nothing harmful or toxic. On that note it is so important to be aware of what you are actually putting into your body to begin with, a lot of people blindly take supplements without actually knowing what they are consuming and why.

 What are the main benefits of Lumila

☆ Probiotics to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients

☆ Electrolytes to help control fluid balance, reduce bloating and increase energy

☆ The combination of proline, zinc and vitamin C helps to produce collagen product therefore improving hair, skin, nail health, muscle support and reduce the effects of ageing.

☆ Vitamin C to boost your immune system.

☆ CoQ10 acts as a natural fat burner and balances your blood sugar levels - while also supporting protecting your heart and blood pressure and encouraging strong hair, skin and nails.

☆ B vitamin complex to have a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, hormone regulation and cell metabolism

☆ Inositol to balance hormone levels

What inspires you? 

Every day women and mums who are busier and under more stress than most people, but still get up every single day with a smile on their face, do the best they can for their families and achieve great things. It always makes me feel like if they can do it then so can we

What are your top 3 self care tips? 

♡ Nourish your body with the whole foods and nutrients that it needs

♡ Prioritise movement time for yourself every day, whether that’s walking, stretching, dancing, gym, yoga

♡ Spoil yourself, it might be time reading a book, going to the beach by yourself or buying yourself that new outfit you really want (since being a mum this is the one ive struggled with the most, but its also been so beneficial)

Tell us something that brought a smile to your face recently

We had a customer who we’ve never met before and has been using our product for a few weeks now give us a raving review (5 min insta story) about how happy she was with taking Lumila and shocked about what great results she had from it. Honestly whenever we hear that someone loves our product it brings a huge smile to our faces.

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