Emily Gill

Tell us a little bit about yourself

 Hello! I’m Emily — 24 years old — Gold Coast born and bred — Graphic designer, marketer and collage maker. In my spare time I do Barre & Pilates. (Im not sure what else to say I’m sorry I’m terrible at this). 

What is something powerful that you believe?

I believe that you have power even if you don’t sit in a position of power.

If you could give your younger self any advice, what would if be?

Don’t got to uni — At school all that was drilled into you was getting a degree = career and money. There is so much more to it than that. For my field in particular you are just as employable with a diploma. You will be in the workforce faster and everything is learning as you go anyway. Also be nice to your mother. 

How did you get into design and content creation?

I was always into the arts at school but never thought I could make a career out of it, so I went to uni and did psychology; the safe option. Listening to Pavlov’s theory in a big lecture room feeling really small I started to collage. For that entire semester I taught myself photoshop and then dropped out and joined the arts department of the uni. Throughout my degree I freelanced, created and soaked up everything from everywhere and I’ve never looked back. 

Why did you decide to create eg.studios?

I had all these collages and no where to put them, so I made an instagram. E.G are my initials and studio seemed fitting because it was just me. Ive been doing this for six years now and I couldn’t be more proud to see where it is today; where I am today. 

What inspires you?

Print magazines — Ive always wanted to get into print for their classic layout that somehow still pushed the boundaries of design.

I love to use them for collaging as well but I often just stick to digital because I cant bring myself to cut into them.

What could you not live without?
My rituals, art on my walls, the sun, the sea, fresh blooms and the ones I love the most. 

Something that made you smile recently…
Riding top down in my best friends new convertible and surprise macarons from my boyfriend.