Emily WIlliams

Tell us a little bit about yourself

ola! My name is Emily and I live on the gorgeous Gold Coast. I spent much of my childhood living on Tamborine Mountain with my beautiful mum. After high school I moved to the big smoke (aka Brisvegas) where I studied Psychological Science at UQ. After being in Brisbane for a few years I met my amazing partner Luke, fast forward just over seven years and now we are living a stone’s throw from the beach and loving the coastal life. 

What does self love/self care mean to you?

Self care to me, mean time to myself. Spending a small amount of time each day to myself is my reset. Self love is the ability to be kind to yourself – learning not to scrutinise everything and just be gentle with yourself. I love a long walk and warm bubble baths too. 

What are 3 things that you are passionate about & why?

Mental health
– this is my passion in life and hopefully my legacy one day. Our brains are the most complex structure than any other in the universe (isn’t that wild) and it creates our reality. I am passionate about bringing aspects of positive mental health to myself and others around me so we can live constructive and happy lives. 

Food – I love food. Cooking and baking are like meditation to me and eating all the yummy things are just a bonus. 

Staying active and being outdoors with friends – This is an extension of mental health but being outdoors and active make me feel great! Whether its learning a new sport, cheeky ocean swim or going for a long walk with friends I love it. 

What does the world need more of?

Compassion! Taking a compassionate and kind stance when we interact with others. So often we are all on autopilot that we miss so much in our interactions with others. Smile more, compliment someone and then yourself ; ) 

Can you describe a challenge you have overcome & how you have managed it?

 Although this is not something that I have already overcome but something that I currently struggling with and overcoming is the health of a very close family member. The universe dealt my family a hard card at the beginning of the year with a family member being diagnosed with cancer and they are currently undergoing treatment during the present pandemic (which is another bonus stressor). Although this is one of the hardest thing I have had to come to terms with it is bringing my family closer. Staying positive and keeping in contact with my family is how I am coping. My partner is also a massive help in keeping the positive vibes high.

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for my home – I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world surrounded by the most beautiful people. I am grateful for my friendships and so happy that I have rid myself of toxic people in my life. I am grateful for partner – he constantly encourages me to be me and loves me infinitely. 

Tell us something that made you smile recently

 Yesterday I saw a sea turtle in the ocean when going for a surf, that was pretty magical.