Gabby Von Stanke


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a wife, sister, aunt, daughter and comrade, in late October I will be joining the 27 club, so that makes me a Libra! I live in the most beautiful city in the world Vienna, Austria (yes, I can claim that) it has been voted the most liveable and greenest city in the WORLD! How bloody lucky am I? 

What inspires you?

All the small business owners/creators that are pushing through these rough times. Just to name a few!

My best friend and her mother have started a baby's clothing line @littlelinens_ they have been creating and designing the most charming linen outfits for the young ones. 

A friend of mine has started a new music project with his buddy they have just released their first song "Night Nurse" the song should be a John Hughes film.

My hubby has been growing his Twitch channel and has gained a lot of traction with his online presence

These old' souls have been truly inspirational to me! 

What is the most challenging thing about living overseas?

The freaking language! I knew German was a difficult language to learn, but not this difficult! 

Also making friends in Austria is a big one too, Austrian's are naturally inverted people, and sometimes you feel like an outsider, but the truth is- I am one! These are the challenges and realities I face, and I am gradually adapting to the Viennese lifestyle.

What do you think the world needs more of?

Oh, where to start?

☼ Forgiveness towards ourselves, us as humans we fuck up, and that is okay! We have to learn to forgive ourselves for moving forward.

☼ Meditation to find inner peace! Meditation is what the world needs; we need to stop, slow down and reflect.

☼ We all need to stop comparing our lives to other people, I can put my hand up and say I did this a lot, but with a whole lot of practising of self graduate and self-love, my mindset changed for the better.

What is something powerful that you believe?

The power of manifestation, I deeply believe in this method, and it's a mighty tool to have. For those that aren't familiar with this practice, manifestation is typically the act of feeling something is yours and making it real, but be mindful what you manifest for! 

Where is your favourite place you have travelled & why? 

This question was difficult to answer; the world is one big playground.So I am going to give you my top 3! (typical libra, I know)

Austria - Think of Sound of Music, Wiener Schnitzel, picturesque views, bluest of blue lakes and the most glorious green grass you could ever imagine. The WHOLE of Austria is like this; I am not even kidding or being bias.

Beijing, China - To sum it up, it's like the Wild Wild East. The traffic is madness with horns beeping non-stop. The air is heavy with smog, and everyone is hustling and bustling and going somewhere. Architecture deviates into boxy designs that seemed forced, without heart or imagination.

Barcelona, Spain- The enchanting Gothic old town meets the sea, what more could you want? There is so much beauty to absorb while strolling around. Oh and the FOOD, there is a tapas restaurant at every corner you turn.

Tell us something that has made you smile recently.

So many things! Mainly my hubby. We have been in lockdown since March 10th! I am not sure if its the isolation kicking in or just being head over heels in love, he pulls bad dad jokes out every day, so picture an Austrian man with a deep voice saying "are you from Sicily? because you're the only; Sis, I see." And also our 1st wedding anniversary is coming up, that always puts a smile on my face when I reflect on that particular day.