Jessica Bitzios

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am a 23-year old born and bred Gold Coaster and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I grew up dancing every single day, spending lots of time on our sunny beaches and annoying my older brother and younger sister (I may have middle child syndrome). Straight after graduating high school, I enrolled to study environmental planning and science at Uni. This was the best decision of my life because I met the most beautiful and kind-hearted people, which has definitely helped shape the person I am today. I love quiet nights at home with my little kitty Diego, drinking red wine, lighting some candles, watching grey’s anatomy and/or reading a book. 

What are 3 things you are most passionate about and why?

Climate change because its going to affect all beings on this earth and I think it’s the most pressing issue we are facing today.

Gender equality because after working in a number of different industries I can see how prevalent gender inequality still is in our society. Specific gender roles are so ingrained into us from birth and I think it’s important to start pushing the boundaries.

Body positivity because I think it’s important that we realise everyone’s bodies are different and beautiful in their own ways. The most important thing is that we are healthy and enjoying our lives.

Where is your favourite place that you have travelled to so far and why?

I think my favourite place I’ve travelled to has been India. I absolutely loved how vibrant, unique and chaotic it was. I fell in love with the culture and the people, and I would go back in a heartbeat. I remember being kept on my toes the entire time I was there, and there was always something to look at or a local to have a chat to. I loved the beautiful temples, the hundreds of cows roaming down the streets, the delicious curries, the bustling markets and all the little hidden gems.

What did your last relationship teach you about yourself?

It definitely made me understand that I need to value myself and love myself, instead of waiting for others to validate me. It taught me that I need to follow my gut instinct a lot more, and that sometimes my body recognises something is wrong before my brain does! I also learnt that I’m a very caring and loving person -  I like to throw myself into relationships and give it my all.

Where is your happy place?

My happy place is definitely at the beach with a warm cup of coffee. The waves just make all of my worries disappear and I can sit there for hours. Another happy place is my little unit because it’s so warm and snuggly (and I’m an introvert who loves peace and quiet at home).

What are you grateful for?

♡ My loving family and friends who are always there for me no matter what

♡ That I have a stable job and roof over my head to wake up to each day

♡ My beautiful little kitty Diego who is the best company and makes me smile every second of every day (except when he’s waking me up at 4am haha)

What is something that has brought a smile to your face this week and why?

Lots of things have made me smile this week – but I think going to my local coffee shop and seeing how positive and happy the owner was during the midst of such a crazy and stressful time. It reminded me to be grateful for everything I have in my life at the moment.