Kendra Fryer

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am brutally honest, I prioritise myself and my life because everything else is just part of the fucking scenery. I refuse to entertain things that don't add to my experience and am completely unapologetic about that. I guess those 2 sentences are the easiest way to describe myself.

What made you get into interior design?

I used to build houses on sims and kill everyone straight away so I could move onto the next project. I did drafting at high school and love computer aided design so I knew I wanted to work with built environments. Architecture is the perfect combination of art and science, but I was realistic about the discipline needed to pursue that as a career. After doing some courses in Building Design a lecturer suggested I do a Commercial Interior Design degree. Initially I was reluctant as the interiors world seemed trendy and blasè. In reality I was already obsessed with curating my own spaces and appreciated how our space makes us feel and how they reflect us as a people, so being able to help others achieve this in their own homes was a natural progression so I did the degree. 

If you could give your 15 year old self any advice, what would it be? 

Some people don't your want help. Don't take financial advice from your mother.

How did you find your confidence and do you have any tips for us? 

I had to look after myself and digest the world on my own from a really young age which gave me the ability to question authority, make my own decisions and form my own opinions which is an act of being confident in itself.

Other peoples opinion of you has nothing to do with you, don't curate a version of yourself to please others. Project your true authentic personality and opinions into every scenario, I do so aggressively (just ask my friends lol).

What is your favourite food to cook & why? 

If you follow me you know I'm cooking all day everyday, My favourite food to cook would be Friends Christmas lunch we do for our friends each year. I love the whole energy of being in the kitchen with a cocktail obnoxiously fussing and shouting at everyone to eat more like a true wog nonna. 

If you could give us 3 interior design tips what would they be? 

Don't follow trends, Be bold, Always have some vintage pieces somewhere.

Who & what inspires you?

Juliette Arent & Sarah-Jane Pyke because they are the epitome of great Australian design. Mat Steinwade, he went from being homeless on the streets in Sydney to one of Australias leading real estate agents. His advice on taking ownership and improving your life through mastering your energy is priceless. Kelly Wearstler, she is absolutely nuts and takes you to another planet with her detailed eccentric interiors. Also wears great shoes.

What is something powerful that you believe? 

Earth is the perfect biological accident, We are accidental, Appreciate the luxury it is to be here, act accordingly. 

Tell us something that brought a smile to your face recently ?

My man - we've been together 7 years and he truly is like a fine wine that gets better as he ages.