Millie Clout


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m a 22 year old law student and I live and grew up in Burleigh Heads. I recent started working in my field as a paralegal and I love yoga and all things ocean related.

What is something powerful that you believe?

I believe in karma completely. I think that nothing makes more sense than good things coming to good people and bad things happening to bad. Even if it’s nothing more than a belief, the worst thing that can come out of it is that I strive to be nice and positive in hope that positively comes back to me. Really no downside!

If you could give your younger self any advice, what would you say to her?

Stop giving a fuck. Things you think matter don’t. And never, no matter what, stop being kind, compassionate and polite, it’s not cool. It is never cool.

Why is yoga so powerful for you?

I started yoga at a time when I was feeling a bit lost and disconnected from myself. Yoga helped me take a step back and appreciate myself and, the more I practice, my body and my abilities. Yoga complies physical and mental health so perfectly. I value these extremely highly and yoga gives me the chance to work on both while also having fun and throwing, bending and hanging my body around in the process.

Can you talk us through a challenge you have overcome & how you managed it?

I had a pretty rough time in high school. We’ve all experienced in one way or another but I somehow managed to surround myself with some really mean girls and was pretty badly bullied. I also put a lot of pressure on myself to get a good grades, thinking it was the be all and end all. With these couple of issues I ended up with pretty serious anxiety and sent myself into “depression spells” where I wouldn’t be able to speak or really do anything for days at a time. It took a really long time, and help from some really amazing people, but I was able to work through these issues, eventually gain some perspective and realised that I was well and truly capable of accomplishing things if I take my time and not stress the small stuff.

Where is your favourite place you have traveled to?

Each trip I’ve been on has some epic memories attached to it and they’re all up there for their own reasons, but I think my favourite countries would be Morocco, Austria, Japan and Peru. I went to Peru in 2019 to hike the Inca Trail which had been the number 1 on my bucket list for as long as I can remember and it certainly didn’t disappoint, so I think that would have to be the favourite!

What does the world need more of?

People saying good morning to one another! Nothing makes my day more than a stranger saying good morning to me on my walk. It’s such a small act of kindness but for me, it makes my day every time.

Tell us something that made you smile recently

Honestly, isolation. It’s given me a massive, well overdue, chance to just do nothing. I haven’t felt obligated to do things that I usually may have. I’ve really appreciated some solicitude and spending time with my family.