Zoe Mahon

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Well, my name is Zoe, I am 26. I am from the Gold Coast born and bread! I live with my hilarious 2 year old daughter Luna and my husband Brandon. I am currently working hard on baking our second daughter who is due to meet us at the start of sept! I have a bachelors degree in business which has absolutely nothing to do with anything but I’ve never spoken about it or taken it out of the filing cabinet so I like to bring it up at any possible opportunity. 

What are some of you favourite things to do for yourself? 

☆ Sleep - which seems lame and like a basic human function but after two years of up and down sleeping (cheers lunes) there’s literally nothing more delicious than a big deep sleep! 

☆ Train - I committed to training everyday in about June of last year. It’s a bit of a splurge because it’s not like a snap or EMF but it’s the one thing I do for myself and spend $$ on that I have absolutely no guilt over because it makes me a better human. 

☆ Read - I’ve always been a massive reader. It’s a bit of a selfish hobby because it means no one can talk to you and I try to keep the lights on well after my husband has tried to go the sleep. 

What is the most valuable lesson that your parents have taught you? 

Oooh, good question. Without a doubt the value and importance of hard work. My parents have always been really hard workers, business owners who have gone with the ebbs and flows of the economy and always picked themselves up and have done what it took when the going got tough.

Something instilled in me very young - towards the end of my adolescence and my adult life I’ve always worked hard - that’s what we do. I never had any doubt that I couldn’t achieve something because I was just always taught that if you work hard you can achieve anything and my parents encouraged that notion 100%. 

How do you balance work, training, mum life, being a domestic goddess and such a positive role model on instagram? 

So much (and I cannot stress this enough) caffeine. No I’m kidding (well I’m kidding now that I’m pregnant again). 

I would like to just say I didn’t just wake up having my shizzz together it took well two years id day and even still Brandon comes home some days to find me rocking back in forth in the corner with Luna covered in texta wearing just a nappy eating cheese straight from the bag. 

Everything is just prioritising. As women we can genuinely do it all, we just can’t do it all at once. 

I get up every morning and write a general to do list of the things that I know will make me feel accomplished and amazing when I cross off (clear inbox, tidy house, prep dinner etc) and then I write an ‘anxiety list’ and that’s a list of stuff that I need to get done so I won’t be a blubbering mess by the end of the day. I won’t lie, it’s not glam - I absolutely do not stop until my head hits the pillow. 

And the most important part is learning the ability to give yourself GRACE. Somedays my kid eats cheese from the bag and watches way too much iPad and somedays I float around like an organised goddess with everything done and amazing activities organised etc but I’ve just learnt that you’ve got to give yourself grace because not every day can be amazing. 

I didn’t really realise I was a positive influence on Instagram but thank you very much  when I had Luna and I saw all of these other mums on Instagram I was just like oh no, this is not how it actually is so I always just made a point of keeping my Instagram really honest and it’s been so awesome. I’ve chatted and connected with so many friends I don’t even really see in real life. Since this Covid-19 mayhem  I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to trying to reach out and see that people are doing okay and just trying to spread the joy and gratitude around. As a work at home mum and a long term anxiety sufferer I know what staying in the house 24/7 can do to the mind and to feel like you’re all alone with your thoughts in this ordeal is not good for anybody! 

What are your three best qualities? 

Help I’m awkward.... I phoned a friend (Brandon)

1. Humility - I don’t think I’m more important or more talented or better than anyone and sometimes that doesn’t bode well in situations (like this) where I need to give myself a wrap but I kind of like that about myself. I even feel awkward listing that as a favourite quality 

2. Charity - not in like a donating buckets of money sense but my favourite way to show love is through acts of service. I keep freezer meals in my freezer in case someone needs something, I will absolutely stop anything I’m doing if anyone were to call my phone to ask for help if they were in trouble - I’ll come and get you from anywhere, bring you meals if you’ve been sick etc - it drives my husband INSANE

3. Humour - I’m trying to not come out and say I’m funny because what a dick but I do use humour in all situations because who doesn’t love to laugh. I have a good grip on the type of humour a person appreciates after meeting them very briefly and I use that skill to make them laugh or try to bring a little joy to their lives. Everything is better with humour. 

What are you grateful for? 

Just so MUCH!

We brought a tiny little house and my clothes are daggy but I just have it all. To be married to the love of my life since we were 22 who still makes me laugh every single day and to be able to have two precious girls that we were blessed with so easily - what more could I honestly want or need. It’s not a cop out, I have it all and I’m so, SO eternally grateful. 

What is something that brought a smile to your face this week & why?

Brandon and Luna went to check my post box Tuesday this week and when they got home Luna came racing up the deck stairs and threw her arms around my neck and yelled “I MISSED YOU MAMA” and I just thought ohhhhh man, this is heaven.